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Our pitches : espace and choice!

Whether you plan your 2-seater tent or your tent-palace, you enjoy a comfortable living space. With us, no discrimination: you benefit from spacious pitches, even if you simply plant the tent.

Do you want easy access to sanitary facilities or on the contrary you find a little aloof? You want sun or shade? We always advise you in choosing your location, but with us, you choose.


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As you want on the natural camping area

Are you a fan of freedom and plan to pitch your tent exactly where you want it? You absolutely want to face the peaks? Our open camping area opens wide its shady greenery. Choose your near environment, your view, your exhibition, your neighbors: in short, do as you want, respecting the tranquility of each one.

Free wifi access throughout the campsite


Because we know that your tablet or laptop spend your holidays with you, wifi is free and open access.

Cook: the barbecue is for you!

camping-barbecueLet rest your stove, also right to his holidays!

We have at your disposal a barbecue that is particularly popular with campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Rain ? Do not panic ! Enjoy covered areas.

We know, like you, the obsession of the campers! The rain ! We can not guarantee you the sun every day, but at least a spacious and pleasant covered space to continue living in rainy weather.

Tables, chairs in sufficient number, under a roof of slates warm and close to the barbecue. Rain is no longer a problem!